Below is all the important Chesapeake Energy Arena parking information. Enter the following address into Google Maps or car SatNav:

100 W Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Please remember to plan accordingly. Always allow plenty of time prior to your event for traffic as it is known to be busier than normal at times of Chesapeake Energy Arena events in Oklahoma City. 

The Chesapeake Energy Arena is located at 100 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102. You can find driving directions to the venue with any standard GPS or mapmaking system.

More than 900 parking spaces are available at the neighboring Cox Convention Center in the underground parking garage which is managed by Republic Parking Systems.

Accessible parking is available. Entrances to this garage are available on the west side off of Robinson, and on the east side off of E.K. Gaylord.