Tool at Paycom Center

Tool Tickets

Paycom Center | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


As you may know given that you're an alternative music fanatic...the awesome Tool is on tour again for winter, 2024 and this time around will be coming to Oklahoma, Oklahoma City on Saturday 3rd February 2024! Alternative fans have early anticipated this event for a while and YOU could actually be in attendance IF you are prompt in securing your access! Tool will play at the famous Paycom Center for a Saturday evening of all the songs you are obsessed with this February, you'll be in your element, it's sure to be the top! Press 'get tickets' this instant to secure yours today!

Oklahoma City is the go-to venue of Tool. The stories that have come from this story over the years are the stuff of legend and many fans keep coming back to get their own slice of history. Enjoy the extra benefits during Tool. There are so many, but we can give you a taste of what you can expect when you arrive. An advanced sound and lighting system is the pride of Paycom Center. It doesn’t stop just there, either! There’s more! Paycom Center interior décor has a professional, yet inviting atmosphere. You thought that was all? No, of course not! Also what you can expect? Wine and dine in the nearby restaurants or in-house bar. How can you say no to all of these amenities?! You owe it to yourself to partake in this experience! Below is a ‘get tickets’ button where you can buy a ticket.

Tool at Paycom Center

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