Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush at Paycom Center

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Paycom Center | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Crushing hits are about to be tossed around Oklahoma City! Hardcore metal enthusiasts follow suit because Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush is set to perform live at the Paycom Center on Saturday 27th January 2024. Everyone will be fully absorbed by this live concert that is the summit of this iconic bands highly anticipated tour kicking off this winter and spanning the entire January. This piercing act will display the heavy metal collective famous for their top-ranking hits and extraordinary stage presence for the past years. On this superb evening of metal rallies, steel yourself as Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush delivers their dynamite tracklist, which contains a selection of their brand new tracks springing from their recent album. Acknowledged as one of history's supreme metal artists, they will assure an overwhelming time! Press forward to the renowned Paycom Center, and frolic in the fiercest rock concert in all of Oklahoma! Speed up, as admissions are running out swiftly! Conquer the crowd and ensure you're part of the action by reserving your places now!

Raise your voices to the max as the gurus of metal rock, Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush performs at Paycom Center on Saturday 27th January 2024!

Following a considerable break, Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush is making their return with their recently dropped album to be showcased in their highly-praised tour. Internationally, journalists and fans alike have commended it as a grand lineup of pioneering beats.

Again and again, Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush has clearly established they are the people’s metal paragons. This winter, fired-up metalheads will jam-pack the stadium at Paycom Center, possibly making it the highest turnout for a single performance the stage will ever see. While numbers really do influence an aspect of their phenomenal success, they manage to be the world’s universally-applauded metal band, given how flawlessly their music transcends through generations.

Their past gigs without a doubt drove this point home, as the swarm of concert lovers painted an broad and inclusive collection of fans from devoted supporters who’ve idolized them since their early club days, to more recent listeners who’ve found out about Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush through their hyped appearances.

Join us for a moshing time and let Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush rock the audience at the Paycom Center - a historic place for live concert shows in Oklahoma! Savor the ultimate metal event as this venue assures cutting-edge acoustics and light equipment.

Guarantee your entry right now, and suit up for a metal mania that is incomparable!

Disturbed at Paycom Center

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